How to create

an amazing life

Lynn Salvo didn’t set out to do amazing things when she turned 50; she just wanted to get fit. What started as short, tiring runs led, ultimately, to her setting Guinness World Records as the oldest woman to cross the United States (at 67) and Canada (at 68) by bicycle.

That’s the thing about an amazing life — it typically starts small, with a spark of fascination and dedication, and then builds and builds. If you set out to be amazing, you won’t be.
But this isn’t about being labeled “Amazing.” It’s about living a life that’s so engaged and curious and challenging and joyous that you can’t wait for the next day to come so that you get to play in that realm again.
         And then you look up one day and realize, “Wow, this is amazing.”

If that’s how you’d like to live the next 30 years or so, let’s go!

Here’s what it takes:

  1. Wipe out the ageist mindset that’s holding you back.
  2. Get clear on what an amazing life would be like for you.
  3. 10x your brainstorming, and then distill that to just one thing.
  4. Map out your journey, from the big picture to 90-day sprints.
  5. Learn strategies to deal with set-backs.

Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t really care about being amazing, I just don’t want the old-style, ‘golden years’ retirement.” That’s cool. You’ll still need to do most of the steps above to create a longer, healthier life.
         But why not allow the possibility that whatever you pursue next could turn out to be amazing? After all, who wants to live an average life?

Here are three ways to get started:

For those who don’t want a traditional retirement . . .

An 8-part online course that will kickstart your Reinvention campaign.

If you want to get going right away and you’re comfortable with self-paced learning, this program can get you quickly into high-gear. You’ll ground yourself in your present state, work on your mindset, take your creativity to the limit with next level brainstorming, and get yourself on the best path for making this new direction for your life a reality.

Here are the modules you’ll go through:

  1. Defining “Where am I now?” and kicking ageism to the curb.
  2. Getting clear on how you want your future to be, and why.
  3. Developing the big idea that will inspire you daily.
  4. Labeling obstacles ahead and learning how to counter them.
  5. Mapping your journey, even if you don’t know the steps yet.
  6. Establishing 90-Day Plans to guide your daily efforts.
  7. Learning how to get through the muck you’ll inevitably face.
  8. Deciding how you’ll sustain this new direction for your life.

You’ll have lots of worksheets to guide you through discovering what will really make a difference in your life, and in the lives of those you reach. If you do the work, this program will be transformational.

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For those who want to kick ageism to the curb . . .

A 4-part online course to stop ageist thoughts from holding you back.

We’ve been programmed, almost since birth, to hold negative views about aging and to try as much as possible to keep from being “old.” Add in the cultural bias against older people, both in and out of the workplace, and it’s a wonder we can function at all past the age of 65.
         But here’s the shocker: Having a positive attitude about aging can help you live 7.5 to 10 years longer, in better health, than if you have a negative view about aging.
         This self-paced course will help you lock in a new, longevity-boosting mindset. It goes into greater detail than the Reinvention program about the ravages of ageism — particularly against ourselves — and how to take command of your life as an older, limitless person (creaky knees and all).

Here’s the material you’ll go through:

  1. Understanding ageism, particularly as it affects you.
  2. Developing your awareness of ageism — in the workplace, with family and friends, and in your own head.
  3. Defining new opportunities for yourself from an age-free mindset.
  4. Learning how to enroll others in an anti-ageist world.

You’ll have lots of opportunities with this program to practice new anti-ageist thoughts and behaviors, supported by worksheets that will guide you through the steps to reclaiming your agency as an amazing, aging human being.

<coming late 2024>

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For those who want to do a deeper dive on their life . . .

The most effective way to build and sustain a new chapter is with 1:1 coaching.

The programs above offer terrific ways to start developing a new direction or just achieve greater satisfaction, better health, and a longer life. But they can’t match how deeply I can support and serve you when we’re in a coaching relationship.
         I could tell you a lot of things that coaching provides and how I go about it, but the best option is for you to actually have a powerful coaching conversation. 

To experience this yourself, let’s have a chat. Click the button below to set up a short, no-obligation call. If it makes sense to proceed, we’ll set up a free 90-minute coaching conversation.
         Let’s explore where life can take you now!

As a counterpoint to the story about Lynn Salvo, let me tell you about the 50th reunion of my high school class.
         One classmate, Katie (not her real name), talked about what a long and fulfilling career she’d had, how both she and her husband had made LOTS of money, how they took exotic trips, played golf three times a week at a top country club, and how she was on the board of several prestigious nonprofits. From outside appearances, it looked like she was in the midst of an amazing life.
         Her comment to me: “I’m bored.”

Don’t let this happen to you.

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, “Wow! What a Ride!”

· Hunter S. Thompson ·