This book is for you.

Whether you said “Hell, Yes” when you read the title or “Hell, No.” Whether you want to create the next big chapter in your life or you want a permanent vacation — or you don’t know what the hell you want — this book is for you.
        If you’re in the “Hell, Yes” camp, this book will help you figure out a new direction, something that can inspire and sustain you for years. You’ll develop a plan for transforming your life and put it into action, and you’ll learn how to deal with the various challenges that are likely to arise. And, because you can’t avoid dealing with ageism and old thinking patterns that could hold you back, you’ll get a mental reset on what retirement and aging are really about, and how best to optimize your life.
        If you’re in the “Hell, No” camp, life does not become perfect and worry-free when you retire. You may experience physical and mental declines, you’ll have to deal with ageism, and you’ll battle limiting beliefs that you’ve carried since childhood. The choices you make now can either increase your longevity or destroy it. This book will show you the right path to a longer, healthier life, whether you want to reinvent yourself or not.
        And if you’re confused about what retirement really means to you, welcome aboard! You’ll find no better resource for figuring out this puzzle, both the “retirement” part and how to live a full, dynamic life to the end of your days.

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