Stuck trying to figure out what’s next for your life?

Age doesn’t matter in defining what’s next

Conviction does. Imagination does. And perseverance, resilience, quieting those voices of doubt in your head, and more.
        You can create a longer, healthier, engaging life at any age. But choosing what to do next is harder now than when you were a high school senior.
        I can help you overcome these hurdles, beat back ageism, and be excited to get started each morning.
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Look at what’s possible . . .

Opal Lee · activist, 94

“The Grandmother of Juneteenth” began her quest at age 89 to make Juneteenth a national holiday. At age 94, she achieved her goal.

John Goodenough · scientist, 98

In 2019, at age 98, Goodenough won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the invention of the lithium-ion battery. And he's still teaching at age 100.

Olga Kotelko · athlete, 95

At age 77, Kotelko began competing in track and field competitions. Over the next 18 years, she earned 30 world records and over 750 gold medals.

Fauja Singh · athlete, 100

Singh began running later in life and finished his first marathon at age 89. In Toronto in 2011, he became the first 100-year old to finish a marathon.

Merry Clayton · singer, 72

At 64, Clayton was in a car accident that led to amputating both her legs. Undeterred, she released her first album in 25 years at age 72.

Peter Drucker · author, 95

Management legend Drucker wrote 39 books in his lifetime, finishing 25 books after age 65 and nine books from ages 85 to 95.

The next chapter in an amazing life awaits you.

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“After I left the corporate world, I bounced between projects for a while, but never found something that really inspired me. In four months of working with John, I found it, and that made all the difference.

Mark T · Founder

What’s at stake?

  • Ageist bullshit that denies you opportunities.
  • Pressure to step aside “so others have a chance.”
  • Cultural messages that label you as irrelevant.
  • Self-talk that says you’re over the hill.
  • A shorter health span and life span.

The typical approach to retirement narrows your world, limits your options, and impacts your physical and mental health.
        You don’t have to work forever, but facing 30 years or more without a sense of purpose, without something that inspires you to grow and contribute to the world, is a ticket to a shorter, harder life.

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       Too many people end up settling for something less than a full, dynamic life once they retire. Between ageism and how we’re expected to behave as we get older, they rob themselves of opportunities to grow and explore and contribute new things to life. The prevailing idea seems to be: “Well, I had a good run. Time to step aside.”
       That doesn’t have to be you.
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